We’re Growing!

Hey everyone,

Over the last few years, we have gone from a small, experimental hobby, towards an honest part-time blog. I’m proud of this progress and want to continue Digital Denizen’s growth.

So, as our subscription for WordPress.com comes to an end on Oct. 20th, we are looking to migrate to something more convenient, customizable, and hopefully less costly.

Deciding whether moving towards something less time-consuming like Squarespace or something that can provide even more learning experiences, such as WordPress.org might take some time. Each has their pros and cons, from affordability to ease-of-use, and we will weigh those options.

Until then, it remains unclear if Digital Denizen will meet the Oct. 20 deadline during the transition. The layout of the website and certain functions may hit a few obstacles, but we will post updates periodically.

Thank you for your patience,


Photo Credit to PhotoMIX Ltd. at Pexels.com

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