It has been a busy summer. I haven’t posted since the beginning of May—during my time at KTSW 89.9—and not without good reason. I have earned my bachelor’s and decided to prioritize my personal life over the last three months. I chose to do this because, after two to three years of dreaming and planning to move to the northeast, I have managed to secure myself a home in Brooklyn, NY.

There were quite a few hurdles along the way and a couple of kinks to work out, but everything has come to fruition. The biggest challenge has been embracing the fact that I will be far away from my friends, family, and a long-term relationship. I knew I had to get in as much time with everyone as possible, so that’s what I did.

While the home/office is a work in progress, Digital Denizen is productive again and getting back into gear. Once I’m employed again full-time, things here might slow down, but Digital Denizen will stay up as a secondary project nonetheless.

Looking forward to putting out more content and your support,


Photo Credit to Elijah O’Donnell at Unsplash.com